The Ultimate Guide to Mod Bussid Truck: Revolutionizing Your Gaming Experience

Mod Bussid Truck: Revolutionizing Your Gaming Experience

Discover the thrill of driving your dream vehicle in the virtual realm with Mod Bussid Truck – a standout feature in the Bus Simulator Indonesia (Bussid) game. This guide will walk you through the most enticing mods available, their features, and how to integrate them into your gaming experience.

Mod Bussid Truck

Introduction to Mod Bussid Truck

For those new to the Bussid world, mod bussid truck is not an APK mod for the Bussid game. Instead, it’s a unique file used to change the vehicles in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game.

Along with mods, there’s also a feature known as Livery, which alters the vehicle’s appearance.

Exploring Mod Bussid Truck

Mod Bussid Truck is a fascinating realm for Bussid gamers, offering a wide array of trucks, buses, and even cars.

From the legendary Canter trucks and Hino trucks with full strobe (moving lights) and accessories to luxury private cars like Pajero Sport, Avanza, and Fortuner – Mod Bussid Truck has it all.

Latest Mod Bussid Truck

To support Bussid Mania, numerous websites offer extensive Mod Bussid downloads. These platforms use Mediafire for file uploads, ensuring easy and quick downloads for users.

Downloading Mod Bussid Truck

For those who prefer using Mod Truck in the Bussid game, hundreds of Mod Bus Simulator Indonesia are available for truck vehicles – each category ranging from tens to hundreds of mods for you to choose and download for free. The categories are as follows:

Top Mod Bussid Truck Categories

  1. Truck Canter
  2. Truck Fuso
  3. Truck Hino

Let’s explore each of these trucks and their unique mods:

Mod Bussid Truck: Canter

Truck Canter is a legendary mod in the Bussid game, and here are some popular mods for this category:

  • Truck Canter Angsa Putih Terpal Segitiga Setengah
  • Truck Canter Bandar Susu Terpal Kotak
  • Truck Isuzu NMR Terpal Segitiga
  • Truck Souleh Art
  • Truck Canter Bak Kosongan

Mod Bussid Truck: Fuso

Mod Truck Fuso is synonymous with heavy loads and large + long vehicle bodies. Here are some popular Fuso truck mods:

  • Truck Mitsubishi Fuso Dump
  • Truck TAM Cargo Full Anim
  • Truck Nissan Muatan Mobil Full Bak
  • Truck Nissan Muatan Kayu Berat Tanpa Terpal
  • Truck Fuso Scania Dump

Mod Bussid Truck: Hino

Hino trucks are equally exciting with various mod options such as Truck Hino 500 Heavy Transport, Truck Tangki CPO, Truck Hino 500 Wingbox Tronton DUNEX, Truck Gandeng, and Truck Hino 500 Gayor.

Mod Bussid Bus

Apart from trucks, there is a wide variety of bus mods available in the game. Some of the popular mod types include Bus JB3, Bus Full Strobo, Bus Ceper Racing, and more.

Mod Bussid Cars and Motorbikes

Beyond trucks and buses, you can also use four-wheel vehicles (cars) and motorcycles in the Bussid game.

From race cars and super luxury private cars to other vehicles such as minivans and pickups, you can select a mod to fit your preference.

How to Download Mod Bussid

To make the process easier, follow these steps:

  • Go to the our website offering Mod Bussid downloads.
  • Choose the desired mod from the “Download” link.
  • Download the mod file, which will typically be in .zip format.
  • Extract the mod file using an app like WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Move the extracted file to the Bussid mod folder on your device.
  • Open the Bussid game and activate the mod from the garage.


Q: Are the Mod Bussid Trucks free?

Yes, you can freely download all mods, including the liveries.

Q: Why is the Mod not appearing in the Bussid game garage?

If the mod is activated but not appearing, close the game and open it again.

Q: Can I request a mod on this website? Absolutely! Leave a comment or DM the admin via social media.


With the plethora of options for the mod bussid truck, gamers can customize their gaming experience to the finest detail.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with these remarkable mods. Enjoy the thrill of driving your dream vehicle in the virtual world of Bus Simulator Indonesia!